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Nationally Recognised Training
TLILIC0003 Licence to operate a forklift truck

Two day training and assessment of forklift truck operations.

This is for the experienced operator that has received operational training and possesses current practical skills and knowledge.

The first day will consist of a detailed review and assessment of current driving skills and knowledge. Any gaps in knowledge or skill will be addressed during this time. The theory and practical licencing assessment will be conducted on the second day.

This service covers a review and assessment of:

·        Practical training conducted on two different counterbalance forklifts (Tuggerah site only)

·        Legal responsibilities

·        Planning and preparing the work

·        Pre-operational and start-up checks of the forklift truck

·        Familiarisation with the operating functions and controls on a forklift truck

·        General load shifting functions at various heights and manoeuvring techniques

·        Shutdown procedures

NOTE: - The training and assessment courses are restricted to a maximum of 7 participants to allow time and resources for each participant to gain required skills and knowledge when delivered at our training centre. Courses delivered at the work site will be restricted to a maximum of 6 participants.

A written and practical assessment will be conducted on the first day followed by a licencing assessment on the second day.

Both Assessments Consists of a:

-Theory assessment
-Calculations assessment (minimal, basic calculations with the aid of a calculator)
-Practical Assessment

This assessment can be conducted on your work site or at our training and assessment facility located at Tuggerah.

Application forms, participant information guide and acceptable forms of identification for enrolment, course commencement and assessment are available on our free download page.

The cost for this service is $390.00 per person (with an additional $77-subject to CPI- licencing application fee payable to the Post Office upon successful completion.)

This course is held on a Tuesday and Wednesday and a Thursday and Friday.

Please read the
participant information guide’ to determine if this course will meet your needs. (Available on our download forms page.)

To apply for this course, please complete and return the enrolment application form’ and the ‘
application for experienced course’ form to see if you are eligible (available on our download forms page.)

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